Our Mission

Ending fuel combustion in chemistry.

The chemical industry is responsible for 10% of the global CO2 emissions. Much of it comes from combustion: large amounts of natural gas are burned to heat production processes of key chemicals. Replacing combustion is of vital importance for a decarbonized future.

At SYPOX, we are dedicated to make fuel combustion in the chemical industry a thing of the past. We believe that with our technology we can achieve this goal immediately and at a significant profit for our customers.

Electrification is at once the most underused and the most powerful tool to decarbonize the chemical industry. Electricity as process heat source allows operators to slash plant emissions, increase profits, and eliminate safety hazards of burners. The economic viability of this approach is dictated by design: how is the electricity introduced into the process? How much of the electricity actually powers the chemical reaction?

Here, SYPOX has achieved what was so far impossible: by bringing electricity directly to the reaction zone, we can power high-temperature catalytic reactions up to 1200 °C at an unheard-of 95% energy efficiency. Our stated mission is:

Decarbonize the chemical industry not at a cost, but at a gain!