Let’s introduce chemistry to the fossil-free era – now.

“The mission of SYPOX is clear: to enable the chemical industry to decarbonize. Not until 2030, not until 2050 – but right now!”

Gianluca Pauletto, CEO SYPOX


SYPOX was founded with a singular vision – to electrify the chemical industry. Read about our story, and where we will go.

SYPOX was founded in 2021 and is currently based in Freising, Germany. We are an international team working full-time to launch the series production of SYPOX reactors by the beginning of 2025.

Our Story
to Date

Since our incorporation in 2021, we have achieved many important milestones. Starting from a 500 W test rig, we had scaled-up by a factor of 50 by mid-2022 (TRL 5) and will achieve scale up by another order of magnitude before the end of 2023 (TRL 7).

We will achieve TRL 8 and market entry readiness by middle of 2024, when we build the first full-scale 6 MW e-SMR. Serial production of SYPOX technology will start with the beginning of 2025.

Our team

Gianluca Pauletto
CEO and Co-founder

PhD Chem. Eng. (UdeM)

Co-Founder and CEO of SYPOX. Studied natural gas utilization during his PhD in Canada, where he laid the foundation for SYPOX as a side project. He did extensive, high-impact research on natural gas utilization and committed to found a company because he believes that a sustainable chemical industry is indispensable for the future of the planet.

Martin Baumgärtl
CTO and Co-founder

PhD Chem. (TUM)

Co-Founder and CTO of SYPOX. Chemist with profound knowledge in the area of industrial heterogeneous catalysis. Brought the idea of SYPOX to life together with Gianluca.

Johannes Lercher
Co-founder and advisor.

Professor for Technical Chemistry (TUM)

Johannes is a world-renowned expert in catalysis and reaction engineering. He is one of the leading voices in heterogeneous catalysis, has published hundreds of scientific articles, and won a large number of distinctions. His scientific and strategic inputs are very valuable for SYPOX.