Biogas to Hydrogen

We turn biogas into hydrogen.
All of it.

SYPOX converts biogas into hydrogen with twice higher efficiency, at a fraction of the cost. Our plug-and-play containers offer a new business model to thousands of biogas plant operators affected by expiring subsidies on electricity production.

The German biogas situation

German biogas operators face expiring subsidies. Plants under 500 kW can neither persist on electricity production nor switch to biomethane. This means that approximately 2000 biogas operators in Bavaria and 9000 biogas operators in Germany need a new business model.

Place, Connect, Produce

SYPOX containers make the transition to hydrogen effortless.

Hydrogen production from biogas is the most lucrative option for biogas operators. Hydrogen is high in demand as fuel for heavy duty vehicles and difficult-to-decarbonize processes. Using SYPOX containers systems, the transition to hydrogen is simple: place the container, connect biogas, electricity and water, and start producing renewable hydrogen.

The Container

A powerful all-in-one solution for hydrogen production from biogas.

Fully equipped with:

  • Biogas compressor and purification
  • SYPOX Reactor for e-SMR
  • Water-gas shift
  • PSA for hydrogen purification


Fully-equipped 40 ft container for the production of 200 kg H2/day from biogas.

Fully-equipped 40 ft container for the production of 400 kg H2/day from biogas.

The Centerpiece

The SYPOX Reactor is what converts biogas into hydrogen inside of the container. It is heated by electricity. This allows for unmatchable performance:

  • Produce 1.5x hydrogen per unit of biogas compared to fired approaches
  • Convert 100% of biogas to hydrogen
  • User-friendly and easy to operate

Key Advantages
Hydrogen from Biogas with SYPOX

100% biogas utilization, 1.5x biogas valorization

Increase profits

  • 3x more revenue from hydrogen sales per unit of biogas, compared to electricity production
  • Enter new/future market with strong expected growth


  • All necessary components in a single container
  • No modifications of biogas plant required


  • 2x higher hydrogen production per unit of biomass, compared to standard biogas-to-hydrogen technology
  • 100% of biogas utilized for hydrogen production: no biogas is burned for heating
  • User friendly and easy to operate
  • Remote surveillance
  • On-site maintenance